About Amani

Who we are

Amani Africa is an African based and African focused policy research, advisory, and consulting think tank. Drawing on more than a decade of experience of working on African and AU issues and with African and global actors, it is the first and only institution with a specialization and primary focus on everything AU and Africa’s sub-regional bodies.  

Our aim and strategic vision

Built on globalist African expertise, Amani Africa is founded on a public service vision. Its aim is to advance evidence-based, forward thinking and policy relevant knowledge on the AU and African regional bodies and processes and current African policy issues. Through its policy analysis, advisory and training services as well as media work, Amani Africa, working with its partners, supports knowledge based innovative policy action, programing and operational plans.  

Amani Africa’s edge

Our specialties include a dedicated core of expertise on the AU and African regionalism, deep knowledge of and networks in African and global actors, well established data and understanding of the major dynamics in regional, continental and international policy making processes shaping policy action on peace and security, development and democratic governance.

Our work

We offer advisory works, risk and security analysis and policy development and implementation support as well as training on major contemporary policy challenges of continental and global reach. All these are informed by and draw on Amani Africa’s cutting edge policy analysis and research works.

Amani Africa’s works cover both region wide and country specific needs. Its innovative and evidence based services are tailored to the needs of governments, the AU and regional bodies, international organizations, companies, African and international media, research and academic organizations, humanitarian and civil society actors.

Amani Africa’s works are organized around five areas

  • Policy Research and policy development and implementation support
  • Advanced Training 
  • Advisory, consulting and security and risk analysis  
  • Convening and facilitation 
  • Communications and media - defining, informing and shaping African narratives