The research arm of Amani Africa involves the development of various products that are urgently needed not only for shaping or changing existing and current policy debate and action but also for enabling various actors to plan, review and strategically organize their programs or action.

  Our work covers the provision of technical support in

♦ The development, implementation and monitoring and review of policies, strategies and programs as necessary on thematic, regional and/or country basis; and

♦ The preparation of strategic and operational technical instruments including general or mission specific human rights compliance framework, early warning indicators, operational manuals, and policy or mission monitoring, reporting and reviewing tools.

♦ Amani Africa seeks to serve as a platform for researchers, practitioners and institutions working on the AU and AU policy processes based outside of Ethiopia and provide them a base in Addis Ababa for collaboration. It also avails for researchers visiting Addis Ababa research facilities including access to its database, in-house expertise and resources as well as its rich networks.