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The seminar aims to explore how UN Security Council Resolution 2594(2021) on UN Peacekeeping Transitions can be applied in Africa, and examine the tools of the AU for peace transitions, as well as the lessons that can be drawn from previous peace transitions on the continent.

Concept Note

Peace Transitions: Applying UNSCR 2594 (2021) in Africa

On 9 September 2021, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), under the presidency of Ireland, adopted Resolution 2594 (2021) on UN peacekeeping transitions. UNSCR 2594 is the first ever stand-alone resolution on the issue of UN peacekeeping transitions.

The resolution emphasises the need to incorporate strategic planning for the eventual transition from peacekeeping to peacebuilding into the earliest possible stages of a peace operation’s life cycle, encouraging national ownership, the full, equal and meaningful participation of women, and the inclusion of youth, persons with disabilities and civil society.

The resolution calls for consultation with regional and sub-regional organisations, such as the African Union and Regional Economic Communities, in the planning and execution of transition processes.

The Embassy of Ireland in Addis Ababa, in partnership with Amani Africa Media and Research Services, will co-host a seminar exploring how the resolution can be applied in Africa, the tools of the African Union for peace transitions, and the lessons that can be drawn from previous peace transitions on the continent.


Moderator: Tsion
Lunch: 12:45 A.M – 01:24 P.M


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