Other Multilateral actors timeline of diplomatic efforts

16 April

The Arab League held emergency session:

  • expressed concern over the escalating violence
  • called for a ceasefire
  • emphasized the need for both parties to hold peaceful negotiation

17 April

Trilateral Mechanism urged the leadership of the two forces to adhere the humanitarian pause they failed to upheld fully on 16 April to adhere to it on 17 April.

19 April

Trilateral Mechanism noted the commitment by the two forces to implement a ceasefire for 24 hours effective from 6:00 pm on 19 April.

The High Representative on behalf of the EU condemned the ongoing fighting and called all actors to:

  • allow and facilitate rapid and unimpeded humanitarian access
  • protect civilians
  • ensure safety of humanitarian personnel

21 April

The Trilateral Mechanism welcomed the announcement by the SAF and RSF to a ceasefire to restore calm in Sudan during Eid El-Fitr.

27 April

The Trilateral Mechanism and the Quad jointly welcomed the announcement by the two forces to extend the ceasefire for additional 72 hours and called for its full implementation.

30 April

The Trilateral Mechanism called on the leadership of SAF and RSF to agree another extension of the 72-hour ceasefire, which started on 24 April.

1 May

The Arab league held the second meeting since the outbreak of the conflict to discuss the developments on Sudan conflict.

7 May

The Arab league convened emergency session and issued a resolution to form an Arab ministerial contact group to communicate with Sudanese parties and influential countries to find settlement to Sudan conflict.

21 May

Trilateral Mechanism welcomed the signing of the ceasefire agreement and called on the international community and humanitarian actors to urgently unify their efforts to support the Sudanese people.