Other Multilateral actors timeline of diplomatic efforts

16 April

The Arab League held emergency session and:

  • expressed concern over the escalating violence
  • called for a ceasefire
  • emphasized the need for both parties to hold peaceful negotiation

17 April

Trilateral Mechanism urged the leadership of the two forces to adhere the humanitarian pause they failed to upheld fully on 16 April to adhere to it on 17 April.

19 April

Trilateral Mechanism noted the commitment by the two forces to implement a ceasefire for 24 hours effective from 6:00 pm on 19 April.

The High Representative on behalf of the EU condemned the ongoing fighting and called all actors to:

  • allow and facilitate rapid and unimpeded humanitarian access
  • protect civilians
  • ensure safety of humanitarian personnel

21 April

The Trilateral Mechanism welcomed the announcement by the SAF and RSF to a ceasefire to restore calm in Sudan during Eid El-Fitr.

27 April

The Trilateral Mechanism and the Quad jointly welcomed the announcement by the two forces to extend the ceasefire for additional 72 hours and called for its full implementation.

30 April

The Trilateral Mechanism called on the leadership of SAF and RSF to agree another extension of the 72-hour ceasefire, which started on 24 April.

1 May

The Arab league held the second meeting since the outbreak of the conflict to discuss the developments on Sudan conflict.

7 May

The Arab league convened emergency session and issued a resolution to form an Arab ministerial contact group to communicate with Sudanese parties and influential countries to find settlement to Sudan conflict.

21 May

Trilateral Mechanism welcomed the signing of the ceasefire agreement and called on the international community and humanitarian actors to urgently unify their efforts to support the Sudanese people.

22 May

UN Security Council discussed the ongoing fighting in Sudan while considering the Secretary-General’s 90 day report on the situation in Sudan and the activities of UNITAMS.

27 May

The Troika Plus EU reaffirmed its support for African Leadership and the AU’s Roadmap for the Resolution of the Conflict in Sudan.

13 July

Sudan’s Neighboring States Summit was held in Cairo, Egypt. The meeting was composed of the Heads of States and Government of Central African Republic, Chad, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Libya and South Sudan. The Chairperson of the AUC and the Secretary General of the League of Arab States also attended the meeting. The meeting adopted a Communique agreeing to the following:

  • To facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid provided to Sudan through the territories of neighbouring states;
  • To promote the establishment of safe passage for aid deliveries to the most affected and vulnerable areas; and
  • To form a Ministerial Mechanism comprised of foreign ministers of Sudan’s neighbouring states to coordinate common efforts to resolve the current conflict.

The Ministerial Mechanism to:

  • To coordinate common efforts to resolve t
  • he current conflict to the crisis through direct communication with various stakeholders.
  • Discuss measures required to address the impact of the crisis on the future of Sudan’s stability;
  • Discuss steps to contain the negative effects of the crisis on neighbouring states, and agree on a delivery mechanism to provide humanitarian aid; and
  • To present its recommendations to the next Sudan’s Neighbouring States Summit.

7 August

Meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Republic of Sudan’s Neighboring Countries held in N’Djamena, Republic of Chad. The foreign Ministers adopted a communique and have:

  • Drawn up a plan of action, attached hereto and to be forwarded to the Heads of State and Government to complement the existing mechanism of the African Union and IGAD, which is in three (3) parts, namely the achievement of a definitive ceasefire, the organization of an inclusive inter-Sudanese dialogue and the management of humanitarian issues; and
  • Agreed to meet in New York at the Margins of the next regular session of the UN General Assembly in September 2023.

6 September

  • Recommended that in the spirit of “African Solutions to African Problems” IGAD and the AU combine their efforts with the countries neighbouring the Sudan and further calls upon the international actors to support a single, all-inclusive IGAD-AU led platform;
  • Mandated IGAD and the African Union to accelerate the consultations to map the agenda, venue and identify participants and other relevant matters in support of a political dialogue that clearly defines a Sudanese-owned and Sudanese-led political process;
  • Decried the further deterioration of the humanitarian situation and increasing population displacement coupled with severe food scarcity and in this regard, commits to mobilise USD 1 million from each IGAD member state for humanitarian assistance and to support the peace process in solidarity with the people of the Republic of Sudan

10 October

The Anti-war Coalition of Civilian Forces (ACCF) in Sudan has called on the international community to pressure a truce and access to humanitarian access in Sudan. The ACCF sought joint resolutions from the African Union, Arab League, and UN Security Council. Moreover, ACCF has made a request to the AU PSC to establish humanitarian corridors and ensure civilian protection (Sudan Tribune, 2023a October 10).

21 October

Anti-war civil forces (political, civil, and labor forces, pro-democracy professionals, etc) in Sudan held preparatory meetings in Addis Ababa to form a Civil Front. The aim of the meeting is to end the war in Sudan and restore democratic civil transition.