Kirubel Shiferaw

Lead Communications Content and Media Producer

Kirubel Shiferaw is the lead communications content and media producer at Amani Africa. He is an experienced content and digital media producer with a demonstrated history of working in the media industry. Skilled in videography, audio-visual editing, communication, video journalism, and social media management with plenty of years of experience.

Before joining Amani Africa, he worked in different local and international media and communication organizations. He is keen on using media and communication to shine light on deep-rooted problems, create awareness, and make an impact.

He has ample potential of working with people of different backgrounds in fast-paced advertising, media, broadcast, communication, and production environment. He has a good understanding of communication frameworks, story structure, the operation of audio and video recording equipment, audio and video editing software, a strong awareness of digital media formats, and social media management.