Public Launch of Amani Africa’s 2020 African Union Peace and Security Council Handbook: Guide on the Council’s Procedure, Practice and Traditions

As part of its work in supporting the implementation of the activities of the Peace and Security Council (PSC) of the African Union (AU), through policy research, Amani Africa has published the inaugural ‘The African Union Peace and Security Council Handbook: Guide on the Council’s Procedure, Practice and Traditions’. Earlier this month Amani Africa had the privilege of launching the Handbook with participation of PSC and other AU member states under the auspicious of the PSC Chairperson for the Month of September 2020, H.E Mohamed Idriss, Ambassador of Djibouti.

As a follow up to the launch with members of the PSC, Amani Africa plans to organize a public launch of the Handbook. For this purpose, we have the privilege of having H.E. Ambassador Catherine Muigai Mwangi, Permanent Representative of Kenya to the AU and UNECA and H.E. Ambassador Edward Xolisa Makaya, Permanent Representative of South Africa to the AU and UNECA and Chairperson of the Permanent Representatives Committee of the AU who will co-launch the Handbook.

The Handbook provides detailed analysis and insights on the procedure, practice and traditions of the PSC to all AU actors engaged in the activities of the PSC, Regional Economic Communities/Mechanisms and the wider African and international stakeholders working with the AU in the area of peace and security. The public launch presents an opportunity for introducing the contents and contribution of the Handbook.

The inaugural edition of the Handbook serves as independent authoritative source of reference on the AU PSC and its work. Produced within the framework of Article 20 of the PSC Protocol and the Conclusions of the Livingstone and Maseru Retreats of the PSC, the Handbook offers a comprehensive and authentic practical guide on the activities, organization and working methods of the AU PSC.
The Handbook, prepared on the basis of thorough review of the official documents and the 15-year work of the PSC also operates as a source of knowledge for researchers and the general public. Additionally, as an independent source of reference on the PSC and its work, the Handbook brings wider visibility to the AU PSC at the Continental as well as international levels.

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